Tuesday, April 23

Upgraded road to bring smoother ride for devt


BELADIN, Betong: The people of Lingga can expect a much smoother ride once the Lingga road is upgraded starting next month, revealed Lingga assemblywoman Simoi Peri.

Simoi Peri

She disclosed that the government has allocated some RM50 million to upgrade the 50-km road.

“Beside that the people of Lingga can expect a new face to their town as we are planning for a new modern to township there,” Simoi told BAT after the official launching of Al-Amin mosque at Beladin here yesterday.

She added that the government has put in place a long term planning to develop the land for commercial paddy cultivation.

Simoi said more than 1,000 hectares of land in Lingga is found to be suitable for padi planting.

“It’s going to become the rice bowl of Sarawak. We will consolidate the land and to maximize the benefits to the local farmers,” she said.

The one-term assemblywoman also assured the people in Lingga that the government will upgrade the water supply pipes to bigger size from Sri Aman.

“Besides, we have completed a lot of projects such as community hall, futsal field and various primary schools,” she revealed.

Simoi stressed that the government has a long term plan for Lingga adding it has also planned to construct a football field for the riverine bazaar.

“We have to be patient. But I promised to fulfil the needs of the people if I am continued to be their elected representative because I can’t do much in five years,” she added.