DVD shops immediately close following police raid


SIBU: Police raid on a DVD shop yesterday at a commercial centre here sent ripples of fear to the rest of the DVD businessmen in town.

They have all closed their shops when police raided a shop at 3.45pm.

News spread so fast that within a short time, most DVD shops in town were already closed.

In the raid led by inspector Fazli of the Commercial Unit, police seized 1,600 DVDs, believed to be pirated copies.

The seizure could cost up to RM6,500 in the black market.

Two shop assistants were detained to help in investigation, and they were released after their statements were recorded.

The case is being investigated under Section 18(5) of the Censorship Act 2002.

In an unrelated case, a man whom the police believed was intending to commit theft was arrested in Kang Kong Road yesterday at 10.45am.

Policemen said the 25-year-old was acting suspiciously when the police patrol car passed by.

Police later stopped to check on him and upon seeing them, the man quickly ran.

Policemen gave chase and managed to catch him.

They took him back to the police station together with his motorcycle for further investigation.

Before his arrest, the man had parked his motorcycle in front of a house.

He was wondering around before policemen found him in front of an aquarium shop.

In another unrelated case, a Rela member was pick-pocketed while having breakfast at the Central Market yesterday.

The victim, in his 60s, lost RM20 together with his Rela card, bank card and identity card.

He only realised his wallet was missing when paying for some vegetables at the market after breakfast.

The man had lodged a police report.