MP: Roads bring much needed infrastructure


SIBU: The building of roads to rural areas would certainly open the way to the provision of other basic infrastructures like piped water and electricity to rural folk.

Nevertheless, Kanowit MP Datuk Aaron Ago Dagang said this should not be the reason for the rural people to feel contented.

“You must improve yourselves to be more diligent and hardworking in order for you to stand on par with other races in terms of business and in other fields,” he said.

Aaron said this when he declared open the cemented footpath of Rumah Sauh Lebak at Nanga Kabah in Kanowit last Saturday. At the function, he handed over a minor rural project grant totalling RM15,000 for Rumah Sauh’s Village Security and Development Committee.

He also gave RM3,000 for the women folks of the longhouse to run various activities.

Earlier, Aaron reminded community leaders in Kanowit to be equip with relevant and updated knowledge.

He said they must move together with the challenging world nowadays.

In view of the flourishing price of rubber now, he said people should think of re-planting rubber trees.

He also commended the close cooperation among community leaders and longhouse residents who had worked together for the betterment of their longhouses.

One example, he said was that of Rumah Sauh which had completed the cemented footpath on ‘gotong-royong’ basis although they had faced difficulties to transport raw materials.