Sunday, September 27

Still not too late to review relationship with PKR — Zaid


KOTA BAHARU: A former Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) senior member said it was still not too late for the Opposition, especially PAS, to review their relationship with PKR which is embroiled in an illicit sex video scandal implicating an Opposition leader.

Datuk Zaid Ibrahim said the Opposition parties associated with PKR should review their status since there have been too many questionable issues affecting the integrity of the PKR de facto leader, including the latest sex video scandal.

“By right, PAS should have reviewed the relationship a long time ago because it involves the integrity and capability of the leader, not only involving Opposition parties but Barisan Nasional (BN) leaders as well.

“Too much time is focused on the question of Anwar’s integrity. Such efforts and time should have been used to think of the peoples’ problems instead and a definite solution must be found or taken,” he told reporters after giving his statement at the Kota Baharu police headquarters here yesterday.

Zaid who is the Kesejahteraan Insan Tanah Air (KITA) party president was at the police station to give his statement in connection with a report lodged against DAP chairman Karpal Singh.

Last Saturday, Zaid had lodged a police report claiming that DAP chairman Karpal Singh had threatened him following his statement urging Anwar Ibrahim to provide DNA samples.

Zaid added that Anwar should relinquish his post if he was involved in the sex video scandal.

“I have not seen the video but I had the opportunity to view it, I can make a comment but if it is true, he must quit,” he said.

However, he expressed surprise because some senior PKR members, including their leader, had refuted and defended such allegations involving the Opposition leader in the video sex scandal, even before viewing the video.

“I am surprised that they can comment on the issue even before watching the video,” said Zaid who urged PKR leaders to stop claiming that it was a conspiracy. — Bernama