Wednesday, December 2

SMK Lok Yuk scores 98.04% passes


KOTA KINABALU: SMK Lok Yuk recorded 98.04 per cent passing rate with 3.54 School Grade Average (GPS) in the 2010 Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examination.

The feat put the school among the top three in Sabah.

Lok Yuk produced 17 straight As students with three of them – Fiona Fong Pui Wun, Loo Chun Cheng and Euginie Tracy Wong – finishing among the top 15 students in Sabah.

Fiona, the top student in her school with straight 11A+, was declared as the best student in Sabah.

The other students with straight 11As are Euginie Tracy Wong, Ng Shuk Sing and Siow Kwong Nie.

Loo Chun Cheng, Tanya Chantal, Goh An Gi, Jeremiah Chin, Ang Yng Yeng, Oh Wei Chen, Loo Choi Ting, Angelmerici Wong, Queenie Wan, Nur Fairuz, Rachel Ki obtained 10As, while Georgina B and Chai Xun Xun got 9As.

Nur Fairuz, the only Malay girl scoring straight 10As at SMK Lok Yuk, shared her secret of success during the interview.

“Hard work. Definitely hard work. I’m not a natural ‘smart’ person so I had to struggle and work really hard.

“Support! I got lots of support from my family… my dad, mom, brothers, grandmother, aunties, teachers, Dennis, friends,” said Nur Fairuz, adding “we must also have faith in God, determination and never give up if we want to be successful”.

Nur Fairuz, who was exposed to tones of medicine by her medical doctor mother, wants to be a pharmacist.

She likes to deal with medications and hopes to serve the public in future and help the public to stay happy and healthy.

Nur Fairuz also said that she has no problem studying in SMK Lok Yuk where the majority of the students are Chinese.

“We speak English in our daily conversation so I don’t have any problem with friends from other races.

“They are very understanding and friends in my study group are mostly Chinese,” she said.

Nur Fairuz’s mother was very happy with her daughter’s SPM result.

“She is very disciplined, very focus and she works really really hard.

“She always studies in groups and she got support from her friends and teachers,” said the mother, adding that she only managed to teach her daughter one subject which is Biology and for other subjects, Nur Fairuz studied with her friends in groups and sometimes she attended tuition classes with friends.

Another student, Brenda Wong Chia Chee, who scored average good result, was very happy when receiving her SPM result. She thanked all the teachers who taught and guided her.

“I’m very happy and I never expect to get such good result.

“I always failed in class, especially subjects like Science, Moral and History. The teachers here really helped me a lot ,” said Brenda who is planning to further her studies in either Nursing, Accounting or Hotel Management.

The school’s principal, Ng Soi Nguwng, was very happy with the school’s SPM results.

SMK Lok Yuk coordinator of examination, teacher Ong and senior assistant, Madam Chung, were very proud of the results too.

Asked how they managed to guide and teach the students so well, Ong said that she asked all her students to set a target, dream high and dream positive.

“As students, they must be humble, cannot be rude to teachers, willing to learn, give 100 per cent focus in class and must have good time management if they want to be success,” said Ong.

Chung added that good planning and strategy, management and good teamwork between students and teachers are also very important in order to achieve success and they always look into the students’ ability and motivate them.

Besides that, they also shared another secret of success for SMK Lok Yuk – good and high quality examination questions from the school where some examination papers set by the teachers were rejected and edited for more than six times before being printed out for school’s examination.