Wednesday, September 23

Fair Price Supermarket offers discount for recycling


GO ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY: Ng (left) with Fair Price team showing the OXO-Biodegradable plastic bags and Fair Price recycle bag.

KUCHING: Fair Price Supermarket (Fair Price) is giving one per cent discount off the total price for its customers who use the supermarket’s recycle bag to shop.

Its manager Ng Soon Lee said the discount was for purchase of RM50 and above (not entitled for promotional and control price items), as an appreciation to customers’ concern for our planet earth.

Ng said the supermarket has been giving free recycle bags worth about RM2 each to purchasers of RM50 above and it is still on-going.

“However, to encourage customers to make full use of the bag and to go environmentally friendly, we are also giving one per cent off when they bring along the Fair Price recyle bags during their next visit. We are doing this because wo do not encourage to use plastic bags,” he pointed out.

As Fair Price emphasises on green earth, it is also using ‘OXO-Biodegradable’ plastic bags that dissolve within a month when exposed to sunshine and rain.

Ng said although the cost of such plastic bags were more costly, the supermarket wished to promote environmentally friendly plastic bags and hopefully other commercial outlets would also take such initiatives.

“We may not be able to produce 100 per cent environmental friendly products but at least some initiatives and efforts are being practised. If all commercial outlets do the same, one day in future we all can reduce a lot in using plastics bags and thus we can preserve the green,” he said.

Meanwhile, Fair Price will be offering ‘Customer Member Card’ where shoppers can enjoy certain privileges. The member card will be launched in April, said Ng.