Tuesday, August 4

Pre-Gawai celebration in Miri as part of MayFest 2011 activities


MIRI: The 7th Malam Gawai Dayak 2011 Miri celebration will be held in conjunction with this year’s Miri MayFest 2011.

The annual celebration on May 14 will be held early evening around 6pm at Rh Vincent Sujang, Lusut Jaya 5 Off Taman Tunku.

The event organiser was headed by Miri Iban community leaders Pemanca Wilson Siang Lim and Penghulu Randi Elon.

Federal Minister of Energy, Green Technology and Water Datuk Seri Peter Chin Fah Kui is the ‘Tuai Pengabang’ (guest-of-honour).

He has been the guest-of-honour for the past Gawai celebration in Miri where Sibuti MP Ahmad Lai Bujang and Lambir incumbent Datuk Aidan Wing are expected to attend the ceremony.

The Gawai celebration venue is normally rotated among the Iban longhouses and settlements in Miri sub-urban.

Various programmes will be inserted during the celebration such as the revival of tortoise race after a two-year lapse, including Tuak-tasting, blowpipe competition and Keling-Kumang contest.

The evening will kick off with a ‘miring’ ceremony, followed by dinner and traditional performance such as ‘Nyarau Ranyai’.

1Malaysia cultural dances and a culmination with Gawai toast by midnight will also be scheduled. As it is part of the Miri May Fest 2011, it is hoped that the Gawai will draw both city dwellers and tourists to savour the traditional-cultural heritage of the Iban community in a semi-urban ambiance.

Meanwhile, to warm up the Gawai, a preliminary Karaoke and ‘poco-poco’ line dance contest will be held the night before (May 13) where registration is open to all public members where only five finalists will be nominated to the final round on the Gawai night.

Those interested can contact Ngadan Melintang at 019-8769407 for further details. While the Kumang and Keling competitions closing date will be on May 12 at 4pm.

Interested single ladies/gentlemen can contact village headman Nuja Tinsui at 019-8856564.