Better rugby insight for 30 aspiring coaches, referees


The coaching/referees’ course organised last weekend by Miri DRU was successfully completed with more than 30 participants from Miri DRU and the schools in Miri attending.

The course was facilitated by Bruce Blannin from the Victoria RU assisted by Landale Cranfield from Miri DRU.

It was a very interesting and informative course although it was one and a half days, of theory and practical modules.

The course was level 1 coaching course for the schools teachers and members of Miri DRU who are yearning to coach after their playing days. It includes an explanation and comprehension of the rules of the game for the aspiring coaches.

The sessions in the theory module presentation included videos of coaching and training for the new player in ways of building up their physiques.

Also included were videos of situations during matches during whom the participants were asked questions of what happened, what did the referee(s) do or did not do during these situations.

Hopefully after this course the schools’ teachers will have a clearer picture and idea of what they have, and need, to do when they go back to their respective schools and produce calibre players.

According to Landale, Tim Lian and Bunyamin (Bun), they are planning a follow-up course next month.

If things work out, and go according to what was envisioned by Miri DRU, Landale, Tim and Bun, Miri will be the next power in local rugby in five years’ time.

Aside from the three schools that are currently playing the game, SM Teknik Miri, SM Sains Miri and SMK Lutong, Landale, Tim and Bun will be looking to get more schools to include the game in their co-curiculum.

The much anticipated first of the schools’ tournaments for 2011, the Kuching U-18 inter schools will kick off this coming Wednesday and will run for five days with the finals scheduled for Sunday.

This will then be followed by the U-15 on April 20-21. This tournament will see 12 schools taking part.

Then on Good Friday week, the Samarahan division U-18’s and U-15’s will be playing at the SMK Asajaya field.

The Kuching division U-18’s is organised by SMKA Sheikh Hj Othman Abdul Wahab (Shoaw) while the U-15’s will be organised by Kolej DPAH Abdillah.

Both tournaments will be held at the Song Kheng Hai field with assistance from SRU’s pool of referees.

The U-18 ‘s this year sees 14 schools taking part with a school making its debut, SMK Siburan, while another, SMK Tun Abang Hj Openg, is making a return, and these 14 schools have been split into four pools with pools A and B having three schools and C and D having four.

Defending champions for this tournament is Shoaw and they have been seeded No. 1 in pool A while last year’s first runners-up, Kolej Abdillah, are seeded second and are in pool B.

SMK St Joseph, are seeded third and lead pool D while SM Sains Kuching lead pool D by virtue of their finishing fourth last time out.

Pool A will see Shoaw pooled together with SMK Tunku Abdul Rahman (STAR) and SMK Tun Abang Hj Openg (Taho).

Taho did not take part last year and thus are making a welcome return to the tournament.

Kolej Abdillah are in pool B with SM Vokasional Matang (VokMat) and Maktab Rendah Sains Mara (MRSM) while in pool C are SMK St Joseph, SMK Agama Matang, Vokasional Kuching (Vokku) and SMK Demak Baru.

SM Sains Kuching (SAINSku) leads pool D followed by SM Teknik Sejingkat (Teksej), SMK Siburan and SMK Penrissen No. 1.

The first game for this year’s tournament will see SAINSku taking on Teksej followed by Siburan facing off against Penrissen No. 1, all from pool D.

The morning’s last game will be see pool C’s St Joseph meeting Agama Matang, then Vokku facing Demak Baru, also from pool C.

The day’s penultimate game will be a pool B encounter between Kolej Abdillah and Vokmat while the day’s final game is betwwen pool A’s Shoaw and STAR.

On Thursday, it will be St Joseph facing Vokku, followed by Agama Matang against Demak Baru, from pool C with the last game for the morning between pool D’s SAINSku versus Siburan. The afternoon’s first game is between pool D’s Teksej and Penrissen No. 1 followed by pool A’s Shoaw taking on Taho and finally Kolej facing MRSM in pool B.

Thursday’s first game features pool D’s Sainsku against Penrissen No. 1, Teksej versus Siburan and pool C’s St Joseph meeting Demak Baru.

The afternoon’s first game is between Agama Matang and Vokku from pool D while in pool B’s last game it is Vokmat facing MRSM and the last preliminary game is pool A’s STAR versus Taho.

In Miri, three schools – SMK Lutong, SM Sains Miri and SM Teknik Miri will also be playing to select their divisional representatives to the inter-division U-18’s in Betong next month.

Today Politeknik Kuching Gladiators will face off against KRFC in a Guinness league game.

So if you want to catch some action and see what the game is all about, get yourself down to the Song Kheng Hai field located behind the Everrise supermarket along Padungan Road for an entertaining game of rugby.