Sunday, April 18

BN candidate survives two objections


ASAJAYA: The worry among the Barisan Nasional (BN) supporters who feared their candidate Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah could be disqualified was immediately dispelled following the rejection of two protests from Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) by the returning officer.

As such, Asajaya will witness a straight fight between Abdul Karim, the incumbent from BN-PBB, and PKR’s Arip Ameran.

The official announcement was made around 12.35pm by the Election Commission (SPR)’s returning officer for Asajaya, Rubiah Wang.

“After the two protests were rejected, I announced the official candidates who are contesting in Asajaya constituency, Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah, 51, who submitted his nomination form at 9.13am. He was proposed by Chek Bujang and seconded by Ali

“PKR’s candidate Arip Ameran, 36, submitted his form at 9.24am, proposed by Ahok Drahman and seconded by Salim Johari,” announced Rubiah.

Over 40 members of the police contingent were on duty to ensure the nomination went smoothly.

The vicinity of the Asajaya District Office was flooded with an estimated 3,000 BN supporters and PKR’s 70 to 80 supporters, monitored closely under the watchful eyes of the police.

There was a war of words between the supporters but due to the presence of the police, there was no untoward incident.