Sunday, April 18

Dr Sim-Yong battle in Pending


WISHING ONE ANOTHER GOOD LUCK: Yong (left) shakes hands with Dr Sim after nomination.

KUCHING: BN-SUPP candidate for Pending Prof Dr Sim Kui Hian has started distributing his election cards printed with the slogan – ‘Real heart, real action, real change’.

Proposed and seconded by Tay Boon Sin and Penghulu Tan Tuan Yee respectively yesterday, Dr Sim represents the hope of SUPP to wrest the seat from DAP’s incumbent Violet Yong.

Coincidentally, DAP’s slogan for this election is ‘Yes, Sarawak 4 Change’ and Yong said the party had always wanted to see more changes in the political landscape of Malaysia.

At 11.30am yesterday, returning officer Vincent Ang announced a straight fight for Pending.

He said Yong submitted her nomination form at 9.05am together with proposer Valene Yong and seconder Jenny Ong while Dr Sim had his presented at 9.13am.

“There is no objection raised. I hereby announce that the candidates for Pending are firstly, Prof Dr Sim Kui Hian of BN and secondly, Violet Yong of DAP,” said Ang at the nomination centre at MBKS building.

After the declaration, followers of SUPP repeatedly called out “Support Dr Sim Kui Hian” while the DAP’s mascot ‘Ubah’ moved forward to support Yong.

Dr Sim described the nomination as “an important journey and a turning point” for him to contribute more towards the society.

“I will not let the people down as we have a transformation plan for Pending. I believe they will support us for reformation,” he told journalists.

The 46-year-old said all candidates must be sincere during the election campaign as he personally said no to money

He also dismissed talks that vote-buying in Pending had taken place.

“Some people say I have collected money from the people because of government projects, which is not true because it is the project for the people and why would I collect money?”

He acknowledged that it would be a tough fight in Pending with SUPP being the underdog.

However, he said: “I am very sure that the people in Pending will support us to transform the political landscape.”

Speaking to the press before the announcement, Yong said it was fortunate that the contest with Dr Sim is a one-to-one battle.

“This is what people in Pending want to see. It is better for them to choose which side can better represent them,” she added.

On chances of retaining the seat, the DAP Sarawak treasurer said it would be too premature to predict the results.

“Hard to say because Barisan Nasional has full election machinery and we do not know what kind of election candies they will offer during the campaign,” said Yong.

She said it was no time for DAP to be complacent while calling on voters in Pending to come out and vote on April 16.