Taho book last eight ticket


KUCHING: SMK Tun Abang Haji Openg (Taho) booked the last ticket to the quarter-finals of the MSSM Kuching U-18 Inter-School Rugby Tournament after playing to a scoreless draw with SMK Tunku Abdul Rahman (Star) at Song Kheng Hai Ground yesterday.

They qualified for the last eight of the tournament as they conceded 64 points when compared to Star’s 93.

Taho now faces an uphill task against SM Sains Kuching who were 21-7 winners over SM Teknik Sejingkat and 21-0 winners over SMK Penrissen No 1.

The limelight of today’s quarter-finals will be on the heavyweights SMK Agama Sheikh Haji Othman Abdul Wahab (Shoaw) and Kolej DPAH Abdillah (Kolej).

Shoaw are expected of an easy win over SM Teknik Sejingkat while Kolej would not face much problem in taming SM Vokasional Kuching.

SMK St Joseph, who scored three wins, 41-0 over SMK Agama Kuching, 22-0 over SM Vokasional Kuching and 21-0 over SMK Demak Baru, will face SM Vokasional Matang in the other quarterfinal.

Fifteen schools are taking part in the 15 a-side tournament that commenced on Wednesday and will end tomorrow.

This year’s competition is hosted by Shoaw.


Kolej v Vokasional Kuching

Shoaw v Teknik Sejingkat

St Joseph v Vokasional Matang

Sains Kuching v Taho