19 houses in two villages hit by landslides


One of the 12 houses in Kg Mohimboyon that were destroyed or damaged in the landslide.

RANAU: Three houses were destroyed while 16 other houses were badly damaged in two separate landslides in Kundasang on Sunday.

The first incident, which happened in Kampung Mohimboyon, about 34 kilometers from Ranau town, saw two houses destroyed and 10 other houses damaged.

A stretch of the main road link between Kg Mohimboyon and Kundasang was hit by flood and rendered impassable.

Meanwhile, one house was destroyed and six houses were damaged in a landslide in Kg Dumpiring Atas, about 15 kilometers from Ranau town. The landslide occurred around 3am on Sunday.

Ranau Fire and Rescue Department assistant officer II Rudy Mekii, when contacted yesterday, said about 100 people have been evacuated from their homes.

“Some families are taking refuge at the Kundasang Community Hall while others are staying with their friends or relatives,” he said, adding that there were no casualties reported in the landslides.

He reminded the public to be ready for evacuation if the rain persists.