Tuesday, June 15

Govt assures price of RON95 stays for time being


LESSENING THE BURDEN: Tan at the launching of the Price Reduction campaign at Sing Kwong Supermarket yesterday, witnessed by (from left) Balraj, Tang and Chieng.

SIBU: The government has assured the petrol price of RON95 will not be raised in the near future although the world oil price has shot up to US$109 per barrel.

Deputy Minister for Domestic Trade Cooperatives and Consumerism (KPDNKK), Dato’ Tan Lian Hoe said however, the government did not set any frame time that the price of RON95, currently sold at RM1.95 per litre, could be maintained.

“In actual fact, the government subsidises RM0.79 for every litre of RON95 petrol that the people in the nation use at present,” she told reporters after launching the Price Reduction campaign held at Sing Kwong Orient supermarket here on Tuesday.

Asked to comment on the allegations by the opposition that the petrol price of RON95 would rise if the Barisan Nasional won the April 16 election, she said the accusations were all blatant lies and hoped the electorate here would not be easily hoodwinked by the opposition’s tactics.

She also said for last year alone, the government provided subsidy totaling RM789 million for sugar, RM89 million for flour, RM813 million for cooking oil, RM486 million for ST15 rice, RM3.12 billion for petrol RON95, RM3.59 billion for diesel and RM1.43 billion for LPG.

The subsidy given by the government was to ensure the price of daily necessities like ST15 rice, sugar, flour and cooking oil will always be under control, she said, advising consumers who found any shopkeepers who raised the price of control goods to report to KPDNKK for action.

Speaking at the function earlier on, Tan said this year the government would continue to activate and expand the price reduction campaign throughout the nation, especially in rural areas, so that the consumers would not feel burden following the price hikes.

In order to further streamline the campaign and ensure it achieved its purpose, the government would work together with participating outlets, she pointed out, adding this was to ensure the consumers shop at these premises.

According to her, the involvement of private sectors in ensuring the success of the programme organised by the government is to ensure the nation’s economic stability and prosperity.

Tan also urged the people not to choose wrongly at this Saturday polls. “Choose only those who have the capacity to assist the people. We must choose a government that could safeguard peace and harmony so that the economy of the nation could grow.”

Deputy state director of KPDNKK Mohd Khalis Kassim BN’s candidate for Bukit Assek councillor Chieng Buong Toon, KPDNKK Sibu branch chief Balraj Singh and proprietor of Sing Kwong supermarket Tang Kuok King were also present.

The price reduction campaign at two Sing Kwong supermarkets runs till June 12, offering between three to 15 per cent discount on 13,000 items.