Tuesday, January 28

Celebrate Easter at tHe Spring


JOIN THE FUN: tHe Spring invites the public to gather at the Centre Court for a never seen before Celebration which will continue until April 24.

KUCHING: tHe Spring Shopping Mall invites the public to gather at the Centre Court from April 12 to April 24 for an celebration featuring a garden with lush greeneries and gigantic, adorable rabbits in High Tea.

For a mouth-watering and fun Easter, a variety of merchandise awaits. Everyone is welcome to drop by Poppies’ booth to find that bright, cute and cuddly plush bunny, chicks, other soft toys and all Easter needs.

Egg-painting will also be available starting this weekend and throughout the Easter Celebration. Chocolate Easter Eggs will be on sale starting Good Friday, April 22.

In addition, Wondertoys is giving away free membership cards to the first 200 customers. Other free gifts such as the
Totoro plush, Families Collectables Calendar, Puzzles and the Special Edition of Cottontail Rabbit Grandparents are also available.

The Kids Creativity Centre’s booth features a great range of moulds to be painted. Dip is ever-ready with sweet treats for the kids with their chocolate fountain and a variety of dips.

Shoppers will receive a free 200 gramme packet of milk chocolate worth RM10 with every purchase of chocolate fondue.

Also, Appétit, a home based novelty cakes and cupcakes maker is featuring their premium range of cupcakes, macaroons, cake pops and much more.

Available flavours are Red Velvet, Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate, Black Bottom cupcakes as well as Passion Fruit, Earl Grey, Raspberry, Leon and other Spring inspired flavored macaroons.

In line with the joyous celebrations, a Tea Party will be held on April 23 and April 24, at 2pm for children aged five to 12 years. The party events will include a mini Egg Hunt, a Best Dressed contest and

This event is sponsored by Poppies, Wondertoys, Sylvanian Families, The Kids Creativity Centre, Crispy, CapriSonne, Appétit and Choca Dip.