Saturday, June 19

BN backbenchers ready to face ‘noisy’ opposition


KUCHING: BN assemblymen are well prepared to handle rowdy and noisy opposition members in future State Legislative Assembly (DUN) sittings.

Jepak assemblyman Datuk Talib Zulpilip said based on the behaviours of DAP and PKR elected representatives in past sittings, there was a possibility that the situation could be even worse this time around because the number of opposition members had doubled.

In the April 16 polls, 12 DAP, three PKR and one independent candidates won. In the last state election in 2006, there were only six from DAP, PKR one and independent two.

Talib, who is also Sarawak SEDC chairman, said he believed the Speaker would be able to keep the august House in order.

“I believe the Speaker will be able to control them (opposition members). After all, they are less than one third…less than a quarter even.

“They might misbehave by making noises and uttering unfriendly remarks in the DUN, which is strange to Sarawak culture, but we will not allow a small minority to dominate. We have the responsibility to control them so that they will                not interrupt the proceedings  of the House,” said Talib.

The first sitting of the DUN session should be held the latest by Aug 16, which is within 120 days limit after the just-concluded state election.

On the election results, Talib said he was happy with it as the BN government was able to maintain the two thirds majority even though the opposition had launched their campaign very early through the alternative media.