Monday, June 14

PKR raring for general election —State Women vice-president


KUCHING: State PKR Women views the party’s victories in Ba Kelalan, Krian and Batu Lintang during the recently-concluded state election as a strong signal for them to start storming into the next parliamentary election.

Its vice-president Voon Shiak Ni, who said this, attributes the win to the devotion of voters for PKR and its candidates.

At the same time, Voon lashed out at recent comments by SUPP that PKR voters casted votes based on emotions rather than rational thinking.

“It is very unfair and an insult to voters to call them emotional simply because they voted the opposition. In other words, they (SUPP) are saying that the voters are irrational,” said Voon.

She said this during a press conference at the PKR Stampin service centre here yesterday.

Voon stressed that when voters make an effort to come out from outstations and even travel to and fro polling stations to cast their votes, their choice must be respected.

She also said SUPP should reflect on the reason why the people did not want to give their mandate to them instead of intimidating the voters about the lack of Chinese representation in the state assembly.

“If SUPP had the sincerity to service the community and perform for the interest of the people, then we call on to them to boldly take up the challenge with the opposition party and prove that they can do better for the people in the next five years,” Voon added.

Meanwhile, the party’s state Women chief Nurhanim Moksen claimed that some irregularities during polling day had contributed to PKR’s defeat in most seats.

“If given a level playing ground, we could actually win more seats,” said Nurhanim.

She claimed intimidation and money politics were also the contributing factors to their losses and that they (PKR members) may have to lodge police reports over the allegations.

“However all this is a learning curve for the party and it will definitely make us work harder,” Nurhanim added.