Thursday, June 4

Cancellation could be a start to something great – SDNU chief


Chambai Lindong

SIBU: The cancellation of Borneo Cultural Festival (BCF) this year would not be all that bad for the people here, said Sarawak Dayak National Union (SDNU) Sibu chairman Chambai Lindong at his office yesterday.

Although it would be a loss for Sibu people, he figured that the cancellation might be a start of something great.

“I do not believe this would be the end of BCF. I believe that the outcome of the last state election had somehow affected the motivation for the organisers to continue with the BCF.

“I also believe the motivation will return as time goes by, and perhaps there would be a greater scale next year or the year after,” he figured. Asked whether SMC should make such a decision in response to the defeat of Sibu BN Visionary team, he said BCF was a community project with the main organisers being the Sibu Visionary Team, SMC and other governmental organisations in Sibu.

“If your motivation is affected, the organisation is also bound to be affected, so to me, it makes sense not to hold BCF this year,” he said.

Chambai, who was one of the pioneer organisers of BCF, said the past BCF had been a great success as a community project.

“I understand their decision, thus I am not angry or disappointed, though I feel it is a loss,” he said.

Meanwhile, Serakup Induk Dayak Sarawak (SIDS) Sibu chairman Alice Jawan suggested that non-governmental organisations (NGOs) should take over organising this year’s BCF.

A member of the public, who requested anonymity, yesterday told the Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) to wake up. He said he was very disappointed with SUPP for treating Sibu people as children.

“To me, BCF is only a little sweet. I do not really care whether or not there will be a BCF,” he declared. He believed the party should start working for the people and fight for the rights of the people.

“We the people of Sibu feel betrayed. We do not just want development but equal opportunities that are due to us,” he stressed.