Thursday, November 30

Safety box found by roadside


The safety box that was found by the roadside at Taman Khidmat yesterday.

KOTA KINABALU: A metal safety box was found by the roadside at Taman Khidmat in Kolombong here early yesterday morning.

According to a resident, Awang, 47, he noticed the safety box by the roadside as he was heading for the nearby mosque to attend the morning prayers at 4.30am.

“As I was driving out of my house, some boys, who stay nearby, informed me that there was a safety box by the side of the road,” he said when met yesterday.

According to Awang, the boys also told him that prior to the safety box being found, two cars were seen being driven off hurriedly from the area.

“The boys informed me that they saw two cars speeding off. They then went to the location and saw the safety box was still by the side of the road,” said Awang who then informed the police.

Meanwhile, City police chief ACP Ahmad Sofi Zakaria when contacted yesterday, said police were notified of the discovery of the safety box and a team was sent to investigate.

“When our team arrived, they had found an old safety box by the side of the road.

“At the moment, the item (safety box) will be kept as an ‘unclaimed item’ and we urge anyone who has any information about the missing safety box to come forward to assist us in our investigation,” said Sofi.