Thursday, March 21

Binge drinking spots worry Lawas folk


SECURITY REQUIRED: The completed waterfront has become the spot of choice for binge drinkers.

LAWAS: Lawas folk are worried about the binge drinking sessions of a group of locals at the Lawas town square and waterfront.

They have complained that the sessions cause uneasiness and threaten security in these public areas.

Lawas District Information officer Syaruliza Madian confirmed that the Lawas District Complaints Bureau has received several complaints.

“The complaints are about apprehension over their safety and those of public property at the public recreational facilities such as the waterfront and town square where a group has gathered frequently for drinking sessions in these public places,” he said.

The bureau, he said, would cooperate with the relevant agencies to ensure that vandalism does not occur and that the public would feel safe to visit these areas.

The new facilities have been completed but have yet to be handed over to the client agency by the contractor.