Tuesday, August 4

Santubong to become tourist destination with waterfront project — MP


KUCHING: Areas surrounding Santubong village can expect more development to turn them into tourist attractions once the proposed Santubong waterfront is completed, said Santubong MP Datuk Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar.

As such, to develop the said proposal critical soil protection in the vicinity of the village must upgraded at a huge cost.

He said for a start, the proposal to build the waterfront would include the upgrading of the existing retaining wall to withstand the strong waves.

“The erosion is critical and soil protection in these areas needs to be upgraded. In fact, areas in Santubong, Lundu, Sematan and Buntal have been identified as having critical erosions. We are seeking funds from the federal government to overcome them,” he said.

He said this after inspecting the area to be developed together with officers from Drainage and Irrigation Department (DID) Putrajaya at kampung Santubong yesterday.

He said with an estimated cost of RM8 million, the project is expected to commence as soon as the plan is approved by DID.

“It will take about two to three years to complete.

“It doesn’t matter as we have been waiting for quite sometime for the place to be developed and now is the time,” he added.

He said once approved, the project will roll with RM1 million for a start.

“At the moment, we have RM3 million allocation, which is definitely not enough, and we will continue to ask for funds from the federal government.”

Wan Junaidi said he would seek aid from the state Tourism Ministry to spruce the whole area up.

The Santubong waterfront is expected to see a higher retaining wall, a 12 feet walkway on top, lighting at night and stalls for tourists to enjoy the night breeze.

Wan Junaidi added the historic site of Batu Buaya, located not far from the village would be preserved and further developed.

“Once the walkway is completed, it will connect to Batu Buaya that has special significance to Santubong folks.

It is believed that Batu Buaya is a place where the legendary Sultan Tengah made his first landing in Sarawak and died on the same spot as well (believed to be killed).

Wan Junaidi said for the beautification of Batu Buaya site, it would solely depend on the approval of the Environmental Department to give a thorough layout on which areas to be developed.

“We want to develop the place and at the same time, we will work to

preserve the ecosystem surrounding the area,” he said, adding that another village, Kampung Terengganu will be built there.

He urged Santubong folks to give full cooperation to the waterfront project, and pledged more development in the future.