Wednesday, December 6

Alberts’s Midas touch rules Crocs


KUCHING: “Robert Alberts strong leadership quality as well as the dedication has brought Sarawak into another level in nation’s football scene.

Thus, his positive attributes have brought sense of belonging to the players,” said Sarawak football Fan Club president Peter Moni Selat.

He added that ever since he took over from former Sarawak head coach Mohd Zaki Shaikh Ahmad on April 4, Alberts had proven to the fans that the players were able to rise to occasion through correct guidance.

“The Crocs game-style were totally different from the last season, now they showed great sense of team work, communication as well as adapting intelligently to situation during matches,” he enthused.

“Fans have been rejoicing since Sarawak gained promotion into Super League after thrashing Penang USM FC 4-1 in the Premier League match at the State stadium here recently.

Sarawak’s top players such as Bobby Gonzales, Zamri Morshidi, Ashri Chuchu and keeper Aidil Mohamad had performed incredibly since the beginning of the season.

Meanwhile Peter on behalf of the Sarawak Football Fan Club expressed their gratitude to Alberts and the Football Association’s of Sarawak (FAS) president Datu Sudarsono Osman for their hard work and commitment towards the state squad.

“We strongly believe his presence (Sudarsono) at the stadium in every matches had encouraged the players to give their best,” he added.

Recently both Premier League powerhouse Sarawak and the Selangor PKNS have voiced out their disappointment with the Football Association’s of Malaysia’s (FAM) proposal to reduce the number of teams in next year’s Super League to 10 from the present 14.

If the new format is to be implemented next year, efforts to gain promotion to top flight will be meaningless.

Howerver, Sudarsono had recently written to FAM , voicing out FAS’ concern.

Like any other loyal Sarawak fans, he hoped that FAM would reconsider implementing the proposal.

Meanwhile,Selangor PKNS secretary Mahfizul Ruisydin Andul Rashid had also appealed to the Sport’s national governing body to stick to its promise of allowing two automatic slots, Premier League champions and runner-up to compete in the Super League next season.