Croc attack in Sungai Skrang?


TRAGIC: Jefferyson’s remains before being sent to Sri Aman District Hospital for a post-mortem.

SKRANG: Villager Jefferyson Sali, 26, of Rumah Jangin, Kejemut, Skrang, could have been a victim of a crocodile attack in Sungai Skrang on Saturday.

His remains, which were recovered at Tabut, Skrang, at about 8am yesterday, showed two of his legs were broken, a gaping wound on his right thigh and scratch marks on various parts of his body.

Skrang police station chief Sgt Rasit Bunya said the deceased was found

floating some 3km from where he was believed attacked by the ferocious animal at about 5.30pm on Saturday.

His remains had been sent to the Sri Aman District Hospital for a post-mortem.

Rasit said prior to the incident, the victim was bathing near the Sungai Skrang jetty with another friend, but his friend left earlier.

However, when his friend realised that Jefferyson had not returned to the longhouse later in the evening, he rushed to the jetty to look for him but Jefferyson was nowhere to be found.

A search operation was immediately mounted.