Woman finds son slashed to death on his farm


SHOCKING FIND: Police lift the body in the body bag.

MIRI: An elderly woman had the shock of her life to find her son dead, his body covered with slash wounds, at his farm near Rh Mokeng longhouse in Sibuti yesterday.

The body of Steven, 31, was found by his mother after he failed to return home.

He was found lying motionless on the ground near a hut, facing upwards.

His torso was exposed with his pants lowered to the knee. Dried blood on the corpse had attracted flies.

It was learned the  mother rushed back to the longhouse to report the matter to the longhouse chief before lodging a police report.

Initial investigation by police revealed five deep slash wounds on the back of Steven’s neck and on both arms while one thumb was severed.

The police also found two parangs, believed to be the murder weapon, at the scene.

The victim was last seen by the mother around 7am on Saturday before he left for the farm.

Around 7pm Sunday, Steven’s mother claimed she noticed her son-in-law returning to the longhouse in a drunken state and  kept apologising to her.

Thinking that he was sorry for not returning to the longhouse for three days, Steven’s mother ignored him.  The son-in-law then packed his belongings and returned to his parents’ longhouse.

The longhouse chief was shocked when informed about the incident.

Steven’s farm is not far from the longhouse.

The longhouse chief said Steven was hardworking and always worked on the farm to support his mother and other sibling by planting vegetables, padi  and tapping rubber.

His brother-in-law was alleged to be always asking for money from Steven when he was alive.

It was claimed he had  stolen latex sheets belonging to Steven to sell, and they often quarrelled over this.

The brother-in-law was believed to be the prime suspect in the murder.

As at press time, police were still looking for him.

Steven’s body was brought to Miri Hospital mortuary for a postmortem.