Wednesday, September 23

Donations continue to pour in for poverty stricken family


KOTA KINABALU: The poverty faced by single mother Rosinia Marabal from Kampung Kandawayon, Kudat received the sympathy and attention of a local company, KGK Annex, yesterday.

The company recently donated RM15,000 to the mother of three as part of its on-going charity programme.

“The donation is to respond to the needs of Rosinia’s and her family and is part of the on-going charity programme organised by the management of KGK Annex to aid the less fortunate,” said KGK Annex manager II Alexander Pan.

The presentation to Rosinia by Pan was witnessed by the headmaster of SK Parapat Darat, Suahib Hj Onggong and teacher Zahari Mohamad.

Rosinia’s youngest son, Frederick Marantim, has a learning disability which requires him to attend special class in his school.

Pan said since Rosinia’s husband died of an accident early this year, she hd been doing all kinds of odd jobs such as rubber tapping, vegetable picking and cleaning other people’s houses, earning less than RM200 a month, just to feed her three children.

The family is currently living in a shack and Rosinia’s wish is to have a proper house for them to live in to provide comfort to her children at home.

Prior to this, the school initiated a programme dubbed “Jejak Murid Pemulihan Khas”, to help out students with learning disabilities.

Zahari visited Frederick, who is one of his students, at his house and discovered to his dismay the poor condition of his house.

He highlighted the matter to the school’s headmaster, Suahib, and together initiated a fund raising in aid of Rosinia and her family.

A donation was also collected from the Parents-Teachers Associatio to buy some daily necessities for the family.

Zahari also extended the details of the family and accompanying photographs to the local media requesting for public support for the family and these had attracted KGK Annex’s attention and responded by donating the money to them.