Saturday, September 26

Hacker group threatens to target government website


KUCHING: Digital activist group Anonymous Operations has threatened to hack the Malaysian government website at 7.30pm GMT today (Malaysian time 3.30am Thursday).

A graphic posted at earlier has named the attack ‘Operation Malaysia’.

The group, calling themselves Anonymous, later posted at the reason for launching an attack on the Malaysian government website.

“We have seen the censorship taken by the Malaysian government, blocking sites like The Pirate Bay and WikiLeaks. Malaysia is one of the world’s strictest governments, even blocking out movies and television shows.”

Anonymous said these acts of censorship which take away basic human rights were inexcusable.

“The Internet is here for freedom, without fear of government interference. Your structured government has done the talking, and we hear loud and clear.

“We fear that if you make further decisions to take away human freedom, we are obligated to act fast and have no mercy.”

The group signed off with “Expect us”.

Online news site Epoch Times reported that earlier this month, the group hacked into the Iranian Passport and Visa Office email centre and leaked over 10,000 emails of the Iranian government.

The files consisted mostly of the Iranian government alerting individuals of their visa application status. According to a member of Anonymous, the files were aimed more to damage the image of Iran in “both cyber space and the real world.”