Tuesday, April 13

Woman charged hefty RM160 for new cylinder of gas


MIRI: A consumer in Miri paid a whopping RM160 for a new cylinder of gas when it should only be RM86.60.

Susan Henry, 35, from Senadin said she had no choice but to purchase
the cylinder as she had been waiting for the supply since two weeks ago.

She has been looking for the fuel for two weeks but most retailers said it was out of stock, promising to call her when it becomes available.

“It’s been two weeks after I moved to the new house without cooking gas. I have been cooking with only an electric rice cooker,” she disclosed.

According to her, some retailers claimed they experienced the shortage of cylindered gas since four months ago.

“I could not wait any longer so begged a retailer in the residential area for a cylinder of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) as I needed it to
cook. Eventually the retailer agreed to sell but at a hefty RM160,” she said.

She bought it out of fear the retailer would change his mind. Some retailers had told her that it was out of stock and that if there was stock, it would cost her RM200 per cylinder.

The Borneo Post called Ministry of Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism (MDTCC) Miri chief branch Zakaria Awang yesterday.

“The price of a new cylinder of gas weighing 14kg is RM86.60 at retail price whereas the LPG gas alone (exchange of cylinders) costs RM26.60 excluding transport cost,” he verified.

He was shocked to hear retailers were charging up to RM200 for a new cylinder of gas so advised consumers to report such cases to the local branch of MDTCC.

“So far, we have not received any complaint on the matter from consumers,” he told.

He denied Miri was in short supply of cylindered gas.

“Miri has enough supply for consumers – both for exchange and new cylinders,” he stressed.

Petronas area manager Lidam Hassan also confirmed adequate supply of LPG cylindered gas in Miri.

Consumer Association Miri president George Bennet Francis advised consumers to report any unreasonable price hike to MDTCC.

Miri has 25 wholesalers and 119 retailers of LPG licensed to distribute and supply cylindered gas to households.