Sunday, July 12

Bye-bye remoteness


Works to connect Kapit to rest of state may start by June next year

KUCHING: Plans to connect Kapit with the whole of Sarawak via a proper road network could materialise as early as June next year.

This however would depend on when the design of the 45- kilometre Song-Kapit road currently undergoing survey and investigation works would be completed.

Construction of the road, estimated to cost RM450 million, is proposed to be undertaken under the second rolling plan of the 10th Malaysia Plan (2012-2013), said Infrastructure Development and Communications Minister Dato Sri Michael Manyin Jawong.

He disclosed this in his winding-up speech at the State Legislative Assembly yesterday, adding that roads would eventually be connected to the town and the surrounding areas of Baleh and upper Rajang region through projects carried out under the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE).

“Roads constructed under such developments would include of a 149km access road from Sangan to the Nanga Melukun through the Nanga Merit coal mine area in Kapit Division.

“In addition would be the construction of a 73km access road to Baleh Hydroelectric Power Dam site also in the Kapit Division.

“This project will involve the construction of a road from Ng Mujung to Ng Gaat and from Merirai to Sg Putai with a total distance of 58km and the remaining 15km of road between Ng Gaat and Merirai,” he added.

Manyin (BN-Tebedu) also mentioned the construction of a 37km road from Ng Sepungil to Tunoh and 62km road from the existing Bintulu-Bakun road to the proposed Murum Hydroelectric Power Dam site.

As for projects under the Rural Basic Infrastructure National Key Result Areas (NKRA) Programme, Manyin said the proposed Kanowit-Kapit road would be implemented in stages, including the 2km Sg Kanowit bridge currently under design. Construction of the bridge, expected to be ready for tendering in September this year, is estimated to cost RM90 million.

He also mentioned that the 10km Ng Ngemah-SRK Temalat road, projected to cost RM80 million, was currently undergoing site investigation and survey, and the construction of the RM50 million 7.5km SRK Temalat-Sipang-Song road was now ongoing.

Regarding roads that had been completed, he said they were the 15km Kanowit-Sg Poi road costing RM40 million and the RM10 million (5.5km) road from Ng Ngungun to Ng Ngemah.

“The contract for the 14.7km Sg Poi-Ng Ngungun road project however is still pending approval from the Ministry of Finance and is estimated to cost around RM70 million,” he added.