Keep Chinese community leaders updated — Lau


SIBU: There is a need for the relevant authority to meet Chinese community leaders regularly to ensure that the latter could function more effectively.

The Chinese paramount chief here Temenggong Vincent Lau, said the rapid pace of information flow and ever changing demands of the people necessitated such an initiative.

He added that when Chinese community leaders were equipped with specific and up-to-date knowledge it would help them to identify and resolve pertinent issues on the ground more effectively.

“Such a move will help guide community leaders, such as the Kapitans, on what to look for when meeting the people.

“This is needed because time and the operating environment have changed due to rapid modernisation. Hence, the role and duties of community leaders need to move in tandem to remain relevant to the needs and expectations of the people.”

Lau said this to The Borneo Post after the ‘English Song Singing Competition’ here last Saturday.

He was asked about the major challenges facing Chinese community leaders.

He also pointed out that being a community leader was no walk in the park because different areas had its unique set of needs and problems.

“With enhanced knowledge, community leaders would be better able to explain and disseminate government policies to the people. This is, after all, within the scope of responsibilities of community leaders.”

Lau added that if the community leaders’ knowledge was half-baked, they could be ridiculed when responding to queries posed by the people.

“By not knowing the needs of the people when you are up against such a situation, you may not know how to handle it. It is difficult to respond in such cases.”

On another matter, Lau gave the thumbs-up to the revised allowance for community leaders.

According to the recent news reports, if implemented in Sarawak, the ketua kaum, ketua kampung and kapitan cina would have their allowance increased.

“This is a federal level decision and certainly a piece of good news for Kapitans as they have been taking time to carry out their responsibilities in serving the people,” Lau said.