Sunday, August 1

MIDF Amanah launches two new equity funds for investors


MORE OPTIONS: MIDF Amanah launches two new funds, namely the MIDF Amanah Asia Pacific Equity Fund and the MIDF Amanah Asia Pacific Islamic Equity Fund.

KUCHING: MIDF Amanah Asset Management Bhd (MIDF Amanah), the asset management arm of Malaysian Industrial Development Finance Bhd (MIDF) has launched two new funds, namely the MIDF Amanah Asia Pacific Equity Fund and the MIDF Amanah Asia Pacific Islamic Equity Fund.

This brought the total number of funds managed by MIDF Amanah to eight with the rest being the MIDF Amanah Growth Fund, MIDF Amanah Strategic Fund, MIDF Amanah Islamic Fund, MIDF Amanah Dynamic Fund, MIDF Amanah Money Market Fund and MIDF Amanah Shariah Money Market Fund.

“MIDF Amanah has progressed from being just an institutional investment manager to providing niche investment services. Diversification beyond our local equity market will not only address the risk concentration exposure but also increase the capability of enhancing total returns on investments,” said MIDF Amanah chief executive office Scott Lim during the investment talk on Tuesday.

“Therefore, it is timely to look further away and these two new funds will now take us across borders. These two are medium to long term funds of three to five years,” he added.

To enhance the investment returns, the manager encouraged no upfront sales charges to enable its investors to enjoy 100 per cent investment capital. “Further for the convenience of investors and distributors, we have also put in place the iFast and Philip Mutual platforms, whereby investors and distributors can make transaction online,” said Lim

He further stated that investors could look forward to a targeted absolute return of eight per cent per annum as this was also in line with investors who were looking to move from the conventional relative return benchmark to an absolute return benchmark.

The launch was followed by an investment talk, which was conducted semi-annually to create awareness and updates to its distribution partners and investors on house views on the investment and market outlook.

Kuala Lumpur was its first destination and these investments talks have since been carried out in Penang on June 30 and Kuching on June 5. There will be an investment talk in Sabah today at Le Meridien Hotel Kota Kinabalu.