Pfizer survey: Singaporeans want more sex


SINGAPORE: A survey commissioned by Pfizer, an international drug maker, indicated that most Singaporeans are not making love as often as they would like.The survey found men had sex 5.2 times a month on average but would like to do it 8.7 times.

The women, the survey show were slightly less enthusiastic than the men. They had sex 5.5 times per month, preferring be doing it 7.3 times.

It seems the men and women were too tired from work or busy with the children or too shy.

The same pattern emerged across all 10 countries surveyed by Pfizer, which makes erectile dysfunction drug Viagra. Its online poll featured 3,282 respondents sampled at random from countries including Malaysia, Indonesia and China.

In Singapore, 301 people, aged between 31 and 74, who have had sex at least once a year, took part in the survey between October last year and January. The respondents comprised 150 men and 151 women.

According to the Straits Times Indonesia report, clinical sexologist Martha Lee said the women affected by tiredness and the demands of motherhood could be a big reason why their love lives are often put on the back-burner.

Lee added: “Women sometimes think of sex as a 10-course dinner, where they will want to do this or that before culminating in the actual act. Men, on the other hand, sometimes just want “McDonald’s”.

“But many of them (both men and women) are shy about asking for what they want in the bedroom, so if you have difficulty talking about it, it is more difficult to have sex more often,” Lee explained. – Agencies