Thursday, November 21

Value peace and harmony — Nangka assemblyman


SEE IF THIS FITS: Dr Annuar (centre) putting on the ‘selampai’, a traditional scarf, during the ‘Ngiling Bidai’ at Sibu Hospital.

SIBU: Nangka assemblyman Dr Annuar Rapaee has urged the people to treasure the prevailing peace and harmony in the country to ensure uninterrupted development and prosperity.

“This is the gift that we need to uphold and we must instill harmony and peace even in our place of work, besides our homes, in our kampung and so on,” he said in his speech during the ‘Ngiling Bidai’ ceremony at Sibu General Hospital here recently.

Stressing that it was important to nurture inter-racial harmony and understanding for our future generations, he said: “Any social unrest could affect the stability and economic growth of a country. This is because people are afraid to go out to work or do business, and investors will shy away, taking their investment elsewhere.”

The assemblyman recalled the recent incident in Kuala Lumpur which disrupted traffic flow and affected people’s routine, saying he learned that some people were even afraid to go out as business activities came to a standstill.

“This is something which we do not want. We want our country to continue to grow and prosper so that people can benefit from development,” he said further.

Dr Annuar pointed out that Malaysia had always been a melting pot of all races and the envy of others due to the strong rapport between the people.

“In Malaysia, despite coming from different cultural or religious backgrounds, everyone lives in harmony like brothers and sisters,” he said.

This, he said was what made the country unique and stand out from the crowd.

Dr Annuar however urged the people not to take this for granted, telling them to use festivals such as Gawai Dayak, Hari Raya Aidil Fitri, Lunar New Year and others to foster a close-knit society.

On a lighter note, he recalled serving in Sibu General Hospital years back, and expressed his gratitude to the staff there for supporting him during the state election last April.

Among those present was Sibu Hospital director Dr Chin Zin Hing.