Sunday, April 18

Weekly Discussion #8: Is YELLOW a ‘dirty’ colour now?


Is YELLOW a ‘dirty’ colour now???

Since the beginning of July, the eyes of many including authorities have looked on “Yellow” in a different light. Yellow being linked to the Bersih 2.0 Rally.

Yellow symbolizes wisdom. People of high intellect favour yellow. Sunday’s colour is of yellow-gold shade! The sun is represented by yellow.

Yellow is the traditional colour of our royals, the Agong and Sultans… it is on our national flag and many state flags.

On the other end of the spectrum, yellow is traditionally associated with jaundice and cowardice. Yellow is also associated with the word “Caution” and is the second light on a traffic light pole. The colour is also associated with resistance.

Imagine if the discrimination against yellow continues… (Following are some contributions from our readers…)

  • No signboards with the colour yellow (,No school buses
  • Traffic lights only red and green?
  • No bananas…
  • No more yellow cards in football?
  • DiGi’s Yellow man has to dress in White??
  • Oil & Gas personnel in yellow coveralls…
  • Yellow lines on road verges are illegal?
  • Imagine Malaysia without yellow!
  • Maybank will have to change colour…
  • What about Sunkist?
  • All the warning signs with yellow paint?
  • Yellow Pages??
  • White gold will gain popularity…
  • Will our Royals give up their yellow paraphernalia?

Just as “Yellow” has become a ‘dirty’ colour… so has “Bersih”… how will history record us? Why are ‘words’ or ‘colours’ becoming victims of consequences?

What do you think? Join in the discussion below!

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