Tuesday, August 9

Wing Tai highlights property investment in Kuala Lumpur for wealth creation and preservation


KUCHING: In recent years, the world has experienced a tumultuous patch. Crisis after crisis unfolded, each relentlessly changing the world, including the Euro debt crises, the volcanic catastrophe that besieged Iceland, the political turmoil that shook the Middle East and the earthquake and tsunami disaster that ravaged much of Japan.

These misfortunes wiped out huge amounts of fortune and changed the investment psyche of high net worth individuals (HNWIs), said Wing Tai Malaysia Bhd (Wing Tai) in a statement yesterday.

“While the tremors of these financial aftershocks continue to reverberate, the average HNWI now adopts a more cautious approach and chooses to hold a significant portion of his wealth in low-yielding instruments.

“The fear of new and unforeseen systemic shocks is very much present and HNWIs have now shifted their investment strategy to one which veers more to wealth preservation.”

This led to the group affirming property investment as an excellent wealth preservation strategy, favoured by people of various wealth levels.

“Property investment is, without a doubt, a source of wealth creation. It is a worldwide phenomenon practiced even by the richest of the world. Li Ka Shing, Donald Trump and the late Ng Teng Fong were all highly successful business figures who made a fortune in the real estate business,” it noted.

“It seems that the average man on the street is following suit. Asians including Malaysians today are outdoing themselves in purchasing choice properties by leading developers.”

For people looking for wealth preservation and creation, properties in a stable market such as Kuala Lumpur have come under the radar of property investors, underscored Wing Tai. In fact, prices for KL properties have been on a consistent rise and are only set to soar as demand and property-related materials continue to escalate as it had in recent years.

“Right now, there are many reasons to invest in KL’s central business district. Sales remain robust even at new benchmark prices for established areas and projects by reputable developers,” said the group.

“It is the best hedge against inflation.”

Despite limitations on small investors, a property investment can give a buyer protection against inflation.”

Also, Wing Tai noted that the government was undertaking huge capital expenditure in constructing the MRT and high-speed rail project — another boon to KL’s property market.

“A phenomenal RM40 billion will be poured into this massive project over the next four years. These mega projects will affect property prices and surrounding areas will see a dramatic rise and benefit from the Blue Line, Circle Line and Ampang-Klang Line, further credence that property prices in KL are set to rise.”

Wing Tai believed that in today’s financial climate,  KL demonstrated its property potential aptly with the slew of proactive measures lined up.

“HNWIs looking to put their money in properties that are in strong demand along with furthering their financial quest of wealth preservation and creation will do no wrong in KL. With attractive prices, a stable economy and an encouraging government, little wonder that KL is keenly eyed by property investors all over the world,” it concluded.

To cap on this, Wing Tai will be showcasing Verticas Residensi, Bukit Bintang in Kota Kinabalu on July 23 and 24; Kuching on July 24; Sibu on July 30; Miri on July 30 and 31; Bintulu on August 1; Tawau on August 6; Sandakan on August 7 and Lahad Datu on August 8.

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