Monday, December 9

PBB Youth vice-chief takes Anwar to task


KUCHING: PBB Youth vice chief Pandi Suhaili urged Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to clean up his political act first before accusing the Barisan Nasional (BN) government of overacting over the Bersih 2.0’s illegal public rally.

He argued that it would be difficult to take whatever Anwar advocated seriously when his political career was full of broken promises, twisted words and shameless lies.

“A politician like him will only drive the country into the drain because he never seemed to care about what would happen to this country.

“When he was in Umno, he hit PAS like nobody’s business … but when he is no longer in Umno, he did a three-hundred-sixty degree turn and praised PAS.

“He wants everybody to believe that PKR is a party that fights for justice but he shut his eyes to the injustice that happened in the party that resulted in many hardcore supporters leaving the party,” he said.

Pandi also said there was nothing great about being invited by foreigners to condemn his own countrymen.

As a matter of fact, he added, “there no such thing as free lunch provided by these foreigners.

“Anwar is lying to his supporters if he told them that the foreigners have not even an iota interest in making capital out of their assistance to Anwar in causing chaos in the country,” he said, adding Anwar was not telling the whole truth on the illegal public rally when he talked to reporters here on last Saturday.

Pandi said the government had agreed to allow Bersih 2.0 to hold its public rally outside Kuala Lumpur.

“… but instead of admitting that the organiser of the illegal public rally as being stubborn for not agreeing to the government’s offer, Anwar was quick to put the blame on the government for stopping the illegal public rally.

“If Anwar is a man of principle, who respects the law, as he always claimed to be, then he should have reproached the organiser for not respecting the laws of the country.

On Anwar’s statement that although he was invited to by foreign universities to speak, local universities had not done the same Pandi said: “Malaysian universities should be praised for not wasting the country’s precious resources on someone who is filled with hatred against fellow Malaysians.”

Touching on Anwar’s accusation that the Election Commission (EC) was like an Umno branch, Pandi said Anwar refused to acknowledge that the commission had given its answers to all allegations leveled towards it.

The youth vice chief agreed with Anwar that no government should deny the freedom and rights of the people enshrined in the Federal Constitution.

“However, at the same time, no citizen could deny the duty of the government to ensure that the rights of the majority of the
people are not being trampled by the minority,” he said.