Aussie cinemas among world’s priciest


SYDNEY: Australian cinema-goers are forking out Titanic prices for a trip to the movies, with consumer group Choice branding Australian cinemas among the most expensive in the Western world.

Scoffing down lollies and drinks from the cinema snack bar also sets cinema-goers back a fistful of dollars, Choice said.

It found that Australian cinema-goers pay far more than those in the US and New Zealand, with a family of four here shelling out around A$67 for a trip to a multiplex, and individual adult tickets costing about AU$18, AAP reported.

That compares to around AU$33 for a family of four at a similar cinema in New Zealand and A$38.40 in the US. Choice spokeswoman Ingrid Just said Aussie cinemas were among the most expensive in the Western world, but it remains unclear exactly why multiplexes here charge such high rates.

“Taking into account exchange rates, an Aussie family of four spends just over AU$34 more than a New Zealand family and AU$28 more than a US family on a trip to the flicks,” Just said.

Choice recommends seeking out deals, such as the discounted ticket prices offered at some cinemas on Tuesdays, or visiting independent cinemas, to help save cash.

It also recommended moviegoers take their own snacks and drinks rather than buy them at the venue.

“Unless the cinema sells a particular choc-top ice cream you just can’t see a movie without, save some money and pack your own munchies,” Just said.

Choice also criticised some cinemas for not displaying snack bar prices and not issuing receipts.