Monday, August 10

‘Wedding of year’ at old folks home


Lee (right) shows to his bride the book signed by well-wishers who attended their wedding yesterday.

TAWAU: It was dubbed the ‘wedding of the year’ when the residents of Tawau Old Folks Home, Lee Kai Ming, 77, and Mak Yue Fung, 61, tied the knot yesterday.

Lee and Mak, who have never married before, are the first residents in an old folks home in Sabah to marry.

The couple met at the nursing home and were engaged on Dec 24 last year.

Lee took up residence at the Tawau Old Folks Home in 2000 while Mak has stayed there since 1998, but it was not until 2007 that they fell in love.

Lee is described as a quiet person while Mak is an active personality.

The officer-in-charge of the home, Taufiq Leong, said it is the first ever marriage since the home was established in 1963, and it is also the first in Sabah.

The couple expressed their appreciation to the home and Tan Sri Datuk Liew Yun Fah for helping to make their marriage a reality.

They were also delighted to see many friends and relatives celebrating with them.