Monday, November 28

Bridge a haven for glue sniffers


BLOCKED: The large billboard forms a wall, covering the bridge from visibility from outside.

SIBU: The overhead bridge in front of Catholic High School is said to have become a haven for glue sniffers, raising the concerns of parents on the safety of school children.

Parents have expressed fear that their children’s safety are at risk and worried that they might be exposed to the
bad hats, as students frequent the bridge to move about in the vicinity.

Their fears were compounded recently by the incident of an alleged rape in Lanang Road.

It was reported that a young girl was raped by a vagabond around the vicinity of the bridge.

A concerned parent complained to The Borneo Post yesterday that glue sniffers could be seen on the bridge early
in the morning and at night.

She said she had personally seen people sniffing glue on the bridge a few times already.

What is going on there was not conspicuous because advertisement billboards walled up the bridge, she added.