Wednesday, November 20

Abg Wahap to search for Kuching’s ‘soul’


LOOKING SHARP: Abang Wahap (second left) inspects the parade.

KUCHING: Newly-sworn in Kuching North Datuk Bandar Datuk Abang Abdul Wahap Abang Julai has set himself several immediate tasks, including looking for Kuching’s ‘soul’.

Abang Wahap took over from Mohd Atei Abang Medaan on Monday.

“Searching for the ‘soul’ of Kuching City and solving traffic congestion will be among my immediate tasks,” he told reporters yesterday after inspecting a welcoming parade.

“Our Chief Minister has mentioned about a city without a soul and to me it is more or less like a ghost town. For this, we need to sit together and work it out immediately.”

He said there is no point having good infrastructure in the city if it is not well maintained.

“Furthermore, if the city dwellers do not appreciate it and there is no maintenance culture, then it is pointless as well. Perhaps this is a part of the ‘soul’ that we need to search (for) and make it more interactive and liveable.”

Abang Wahap also pointed out a string of complaints from the public regarding traffic woes.

“When I was still serving in the police force, there were a few suggestions mooted up top to solve
the traffic woes and there was a study conducted on the traffic pattern as well,” he said, adding that he would look into the matter soon.

He said he hoped to continue the good work of his predecessor and pledged more pragmatic ways to deal with offences other than enforcement.

“It has been years since I have used such methods (enforcement) and this time around I need a change. We have to be more pragmatic in dealing with this. More programmes will be embarked on for awareness and to educate people on offences, especially on the behavioural issues.”