Saturday, December 3

Starving dogs eat owner


Seven dogs are believed to have eaten their owner after he left them starving without food for two weeks, The Jakarta Post said today.

Andre Lumboga’s mutilated body was found with his head detached from his body Monday inside his home at Greenland, Batam Centre, in the Riau Islands, a province of Indonesia.

Seven dogs belonging to Lumboga attacked their master apparently as a result of being famished, police chief Eriyana, who uses one name, said.

“The victim was believed to have had nine dogs as pets. He went to Manado [North Sulawesi] during the Aidilfitri holidays, leaving the dogs for 14 days without any food,” the newspaper quoted him saying.

Two of the dogs were eaten by the others, Eriyana said.

The seven surviving dogs also lashed out at police when they tried to enter the house. “We had to paralyze them,” Eriyana added.