‘Look at safari from broader perspective’


SUPPORTIVE: Mawan (right) advising the SDNU delegation in his office yesterday.

KUCHING: Social Development and Urbanisation Minister Tan Sri William Mawan said the Dayak Cultural Heritage Safari (BDCHS) should be looked at from a broader perspective, not just for promoting unity through culture and recreation.

“This is a very good event indeed, and since it has continued to receive encouraging response from our friends across the border, it is really good if we can work out something where we can help contribute towards the improvement of their socio-economy over there.

“For example when organising a trans-border safari like this, you can always bring along some business friends to identify the potential that can be developed in order to provide opportunities for the local community there,” Mawan noted, adding that this would enable the event to be more successful.

He was speaking to a visiting delegation from the Sarawak Dayak National Union (SDNU) that is organising the BDCHS 2011.

They called at his office in Bangunan Masja in Petrajaya yesterday.

As in previous years, the destination for the BDCHS 2011 will be West Kalimantan and it would involve visits to the settlements of Indonesian Dayaks.

Mawan said since the programme involved locals across the border, the organisers must be considerate.

“As much as they welcome us wholeheartedly we must make sure we are not burdening them by assisting in whatever way and means possible,” he pointed out.

He said his ministry would always be prepared to chip in as long as the programme was properly organised, and not deviate from its original objective of establishing better social interaction between the people from both sides of the border.

Meanwhile, SDNU vice-president and the BDCHS 2011 organising chairman Anthony Banyan said this would be the third time they hold the safari. The first was held in September 2009 and the second in November last year.

“We plan for the third safari to be grander. SDNU expects participation by members of Dewan Adat Dayak Kalimantan and members of Dayak NGOs in Sarawak to make it merrier than the previous safari,” he added.

Also present at the courtesy call yesterday were SDNU advisor William Langgong and Edmund Renggie.