Saturday, May 8

Durians flood Sri Aman farmers’ market


KING OF FRUITS: Traders selling durians at Sri Aman farmers’ market.

SRI AMAN: Sri Aman farmer’s market was filled with seasonal fruits such as ‘engkala’, ‘dabai’ and the king of all fruits — durian.

Durian fruits begun flooding the market two weeks ago.

According to a durian seller at the market, durian prices had gone down to a reasonable price compared to the prices at the beginning of the season.

He added that two decent sized durians could be purchased at RM20.

“Some sellers here are already selling durians at RM30 for four and five to six durians can be sold at RM30 to RM40,” the seller said.

Most durians sold at the market are from Lingga, Pantu and Batu Lintang.