Saturday, May 8

JKKKs asked to prioritise projects


MIRI: Village security and development committees (JKKKs) have been asked to prioritise development projects when requesting for funding.

Lambir assemblyman Ripin Lamat said JKKKs should not just submit a list of projects, but indicate which ones required urgent attention.

“You should discuss among yourselves to identify which projects come under urgent needs. Otherwise, the people in the village would not be able to enjoy the full benefits from the implemented developments,” he said during a Ramah Tamah Aidilfitri at Kampung Bakam on Friday.

“There is some amount of financial budget for the local authorities for the implementation of minor projects at villages. The budget would be given fairly, according to the project’s priority.”

Ripin called on the people to be patient, as projects for each village would be implemented in stages.

He also called on JKKKs to ensure there was a good communication network with villagers so that problems faced could be forwarded to the right channels.

“If you have any problem pertaining to the village matters or even complaints, you must convey the problem to the right channel otherwise the problem would not be solved at all.”