Minos ridicules DAP’s rural ambition


KUCHING: DAP is being too ambitious and greedy in eyeing Bidayuh parliamentary seats in the coming general election, said Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) deputy information chief Dato Peter Minos.

He pointed out there is no need for DAP, an urban-based opposition party, to try to win the Bidayuhs over because there is no record to show it is concerned with Bidayuh affairs.

“Bidayuhs are not urban people. The urbanites may love DAP but not the rural Bidayuhs who still need many basic things like treated water, electricity and roads from Barisan Nasional which is the government.

“The political agenda and records of DAP indicate nothing that the party has any interest in Bidayuh affairs or Bidayuhs’ concerns,” he said when contacted yesterday.

Minos, who is also Bung Bratak Heritage Association chairman, was asked to comment on yesterday’s news report that quoted DAP Sarawak secretary Chong Chieng Jen as saying the party plans to contest in Mas Gading, Mambong and Serian.

Chong was also quoted to say that of these three Bidayuh areas, DAP put high hopes in capturing Serian from BN.
However, Minos, a former president of Dayak Bidayuh National Association (DBNA), was not convinced DAP could attract enough support from the Bidayuh community that is strong and loyal supporter of BN.
“DAP’s usual use of rough rhetoric means nothing to the Bidayuhs. Also, DAP’s usual condemnation of BN all the time is highly offensive to the Bidayuhs. Such politics is alien to Sarawak and inimical to the fine racial harmony in our state,” he said.

He added DAP might get burned by trying to fish in rural waters even though the party succeeded in attracting support from the urban voters.

“But if DAP tries, let it do so and face the perils. Today, DAP has a foothold in Sarawak’s urban areas but that should not make DAP too ambitious and foolhardy,” he said.

Last Friday, Chong had told reporters in Kuching that DAP plans to contest in rural constituencies like Serian, Kanowit, Mas Gading, Sri Aman and Mambong in line with the current expansion of its base beyond the urban areas.

Chong, who is Bandar Kuching MP, also mentioned DAP’s target to win 10 parliamentary seats in Sarawak.