Outboard motor oil spill irks residents


POLLUTED: A section of the oil slick is seen at the Marine Police jetty.

KAPIT: Kapit folk who live by the river are upset with an outboard motor oil spill, which is polluting the water.
As of yesterday morning, the oil slick covered a large area at the Marine Police jetty and some of it was also seen flowing downstream.

“Our source of water for bathing, washing, cleaning and cooking has been polluted. Where can we find clean water?” lamented one resident. She said the oil could also be seen polluting the water near her family’s jetty.

“What shall we do? The culprits are simply very selfish. They only think of themselves. Our lives are adversely affected. Who can help us?” said the woman who has lived by the river for a decade.

Those responsible for the oil slick have yet to be identified.

However it is believed that the slick originated from a small stream next to Rumah Temui at Jalan Selirik.