Benny to retell life story and lessons in upcoming movie


FULFILLING HIS DREAMS: Benny (right) with his crew during a shooting session. Benny, who suffers from heart problem, is set to turn his life story into a movie.

KUCHING: Thirty seven-year-old filmmaker, Benny Zachariah, plans to produce and direct a film based on his own life that would reveal aspects of daily human life, thinking patterns when facing obstacles and interaction with others.

Benny who recently discovered he had a heart problem, dreamt of turning his life story into a film, not for the sake of popularity but to portray the hardship in every broken family’s life.

“I want to show the world the life I’ve lived, to say I came from a broken family and in every tragedy there is an explanation. Through this film I want my audience to know that every action has its consequences,” said Benny.

Though not the norm among local filmmakers, Benny is still upbeat about his chances for he believes that doing something different will be to his good advantage, especially so as he aims to produce the film using Malaysian English.

“As a filmmaker, I believe in myself and in my dreams because every film comes from our imagination. That’s the power of a dream,” said Benny confidently.

Currently busy with re-shoots for his first action film, ‘Dunya Gangster’, Benny stressed that the movie may only happen next year since he had to consider the various aspects to be included into the script.

“The process will take some time, especially when it comes to writing a good script. I have to remember the tragedy, creating specific characters according to the circumstances and the toughest part is to create an excellent storyline. But the best part of it, this time I’ll direct,” said Benny.

When asked about the rumours that he may finally say yes to full time acting in Malay dramas soon, Benny hinted that the answer was with his wife, the sole Dayak film director in the country, Monita Jeff.

“I love acting but I never took it seriously until one of my mentors, Murali Abdullah, who is an award winning Malay drama director, encouraged me.

“I used to act in front of my own family . . . Part of me wants to say yes but then again I have a manager, who is my wife,” Benny concluded.