Saturday, July 31

Secret lies in getting everyone to toe the line


PANTU: PRS president Tan Sri Dr James Masing yesterday used the analogy of hierarchy in the Red Indian community to describe an effective political party.

Tan Sri Dr James Masing

Similar to that hierarchy, he said, all community representatives and members have their own respective functions and responsibilities to develop the party.

Everyone must respect and abide to the hierarchy, regardless of their personal academic qualifications and age, among others, to ensure the party’s continued survival.

“For example, if there’s no office boy in the office who will deliver the letters? Of course the department will not run smoothly without someone to do the job.

“The same with a political party. If everyone scrambles to be the leader, who will be the followers? That’s why we need only one leader in a political party,” he said at an event held at Rumah Lindang Jemat in Lachau here.

At the event, he announced a minor rural project (MRP) allocation of RM1,000 to six women’s bureau in Lachau and RM2,000 to the village security and development committee (JKKK) of Rumah Lindang.

Masing, who is also Land Development Minister, advised the people not to distance themselves from the Barisan Nasional (BN) government because they still needed development which only the BN could provide.

Among those present were Assistant Minister of Land Development Datuk Francis Harden Hollis, Assistant Minister of Agriculture Mong Dagang, Sri Aman MP Masir Kujat, Lubok Antu  MP William Nyalau Badak, Batang Ai assemblyman Malcom Mussen Lamoh and Balai Ringin assemblyman Snowdan Lawan.