Monday, August 2

SGH Heart Centre receives aid to shorten INR tests


KOTA SAMARAHAN: Sarawak General Hospital (SGH) Heart Centre, with the help of Sarawak Heart Foundation (SHF), will soon launch a pilot project to shorten the waiting time for INR (International Normalise Ratio) test.

SGH Heart Centre cardiologist Dr Alan Fong said an INR test (a test to check the viscosity of blood) usually takes up to four hours but with the pilot project he is confident that the time will be shortened to only about 30 minutes.

“Presently it would involve lots of equations. First is the blood test and then you have to wait for the result, see a doctor, wait for the prescription, go to the pharmacy and wait for the medication.

“But with the new initiative we will try to put everything together so that patients don’t have to walk anywhere. Just go to the clinic and everything will be done there, and with that we hope the waiting time can be reduced greatly,” he told reporters at the centre yesterday.