Saturday, July 31

SPDP Piasau Youth chief’s statement draws flak from Nabor branch


MARUDI: SPDP Nabor branch in Marudi has lambasted SPDP Piasau Youth chief James Joshua Guang for questioning the loyalty of the SPDP 5.

In a statement, its branch secretary Tuai Rumah Engkas Enkari said loyalty to the party should not be judged by being seen mixing around with the president and be seen at the party office or attending his functions.

“For him, it is true because he is always seen taking pictures with the president during party functions but SPDP 5 are always busy in their own constituencies unlike James Joshua Guang, who has no grassroots supporters in SPDP Piasau,” he said.

Engkas also questioned Guang’s contribution to the party in the last state election and whether he assisted SUPP in Piasau.

He also said if Guang was very popular as SPDP Piasau Youth chief, the latter should have made an impact and helped the BN candidate there to win.

“For us in Nabor SPDP division, we worked hard enough to help  SPDP candidate Sylvester  Entri Muran retain the seat and we won it with the biggest majority among all seats contested by SPDP candidates,”  he said.

Engkas, who is also a longhouse chief, said SPDP in Marudi has the authority to speak up on issues in the party because they have an elected representative.

Engkas regarded the accusations made by Guang as a blatant attempt to create more factions within the party.

“We in Nabor branch serve the interests of the party by working together with our elected representative in Marudi constituency,” he said.