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Free talk on Sarawak’s pitcher plants Sept 30


KUCHING:Sarawak Biodiversity Centre (SBC) will be organising a talk on pitcher plants entitled ‘Nepenthes of Sarawak’ on Sept 30.

The talk will be held at SBC’s lecture theatre, KM20, Jalan Borneo Heights, Semengoh, Kuching by Ch’ien C. Lee, a graduate of the University of California, Santa Cruz who has spent over 17 years studying pitcher plants.

Ch’ien is also a known wildlife photographer who believes that photography is an excellent method for conveying ideas andsharing experiences. Ch’ien has co-authored and contributed to several books including ‘A Pocket Guide to Pitcher Plants of Sarawak’ and ‘Pitcher Plants of Borneo (2nd edition)’.

He has also published works on several new species of Nepenthes, their biodiversity, ecological relationships, conservation and artificial propagation.

Ch’ien’s talk will focus on the diversity of pitcher plants or Nepenthes found in Sarawak and feature his beautiful photography of these interesting carnivorous plants.

To date, 25 species of Nepenthes have been described in Sarawak, of which seven are endemic to the state. In recent years, four new species have been described from collections made in the highlands of central and northern Sarawak.

More information about Ch’ien is available in his website,

Members of the public are invited to attend this talk which promises to be interesting and informative, and is aimed at creating awareness towards the value of Sarawak’s local biodiversity.

Admission to the talk is free. However, those interested in attending will have to call the SBC latest by 2pm on Sept 23 to register.

SBC’s Awareness Officers (Asha, Constance, Ha-Mim or Selwynn) can be reached at 082-610610 or via [email protected]