Sunday, May 16

Fish has power to drive away evil spirit?


A DETERENT TO DRIVE AWAY EVIL? : The seller of this fish called ‘puyu’ claims that it is feared by demons.

SIBU: Would you believe that a fish known locally as ‘puyu’ has the ability to chase away demons and scare off would-be burglars?

That’s what a vendor of the fish claims.

Timah Rentap, 72, from Sg Assan, said the belief had been passed down from generation to generation.

But for such a useful fish, it is surprising that she sells it for only RM1 each.

According to her, ‘puyu’ can be found in abundance in streams near paddy fields and oil palm plantations.

For her, she gets her stock from her children who catch the fish from a small stream in Rantau Panjang.

Timah, who trades at the Central Market here, said ‘puyu’ kept in an aquarium at home will swim frantically at the sight of intruders.

And because of that noise that the fish makes, would-be burglars would be frightened off.

“It means we do not have to keep dogs at home if we have a school of ‘puyu’ fish to warn us when someone is coming into our house,” she said to justify her claim.

Due to its ‘reputation’, she claimed that the fish sold like hotcakes, with buyers from all age groups.

“The young keep the fish as a hobby while the old ones keep it to drive away demons,” she said with a broad smile.

“Puyu is easy to keep. It’s very adaptable,” she added.